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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get familiar with AI?

Ai is not only a tool, it is a complete change, a new evolution by itself. AI is a new dimension of the digital world that is already allowing incredible things. You can ignore it or embrace it.

We, at Kwadigo believe that it will improve our lives, make our world a better one, and that everybody should have the opportunity to understand it. And if you understand it, you can work with it, you can even shape and create new opportunities limited only by your imagination.

Why do you offer several training formats?

We offer trainings that are regrouped on two major sections. One section to understand Ai, what it is about and all what it can do for you. And another section of trainings focusing on the implementation of AI.

How are the training fitting to my needs?

We offer you several possibilities and formats. First you can download our PDF to learn and get familiar with the Ai basics. You can also choose one of the open training sessions and join a group where you can ask your questions. Finally, you can have your dedicated training, for you and your team, tailor made.

In an open training session, how many persons are present?

We limit the number of participants to a training session to a small group of 8-10 people max to allow the most efficient interaction.

How much does a training cost?

The training price are indicated in the training section. If special prices are needed, please contact us.

How does it work to join an open training?

You just need to click on the “Register” button and fill in the blanks. Shortly after, someone from the Kwadigo team will reach out to you to learn more about your needs and prepare your training (date, content, etc.)

If I cannot attend to the training, what happens?

If you cancel your participation to a training 24h in advance, a new session will be proposed to you or if a refund is requested, it can be arranged minus an administrative fee. If the cancellation is a last minute one, so within the 24h before the start of the training, the payment is kept by Kwadigo to cover the organization cost.

I am a beginner; I have no clue how to start?

Do not worry. You can contact us, and we will explore together what is the best for you. Otherwise we suggest you download the PDF’s and read them. Then register and follow the training session marked as “Foundation”. This will make you familiar with the basics.

What makes Kwadigo different?

We accompany you in your AI journey, from the beginning of understanding it to the realization of your project, it is your choice where we start and where we stop. At Kwadigo, we went through this journey ourselves, we want to share our experiences and widespread practical and applicable AI knowledge in the simplest way.

When it is about projects and implementation of AI, we know where the pitfalls are, where it goes wrong. We fail or succeed together. And we do not disclose who our project clients are.

Who we are

We are a group of persons, expert in our field of competences, Data engineers

AI will profoundly transform our society as well as the way we do business. However, this transformation should not only be reserved for the richest companies. Our aim is to democratize AI by demystifying it. Through our expertise, we want to help you understand what is feasible with this technology and help you succeed in your first project or long-term strategy. We propose lectures and training made for business people, not for AI technical experts. If needed we can accompany you, from A to Z or only partially… it is up to you!