Which simple and inexpensive AI-based solutions


AI can be scary from a budget perspective if you are a small or medium-size organization. However, the reality can be different. This training will help you understand which AI solutions can be easily integrated without important investments while guaranteeing a high ROI.


You will learn about existing affordable AI solutions for your organizations. We will cover different topics such as Project Management, Expectations, Budget, Use cases, etc. After this training, you will have a better understanding of the current AI market.


1. Simple projects

- What is an “easy” AI project”

- How to choose your first scalable project

- What solutions according to your business issue

- How to negotiate with AI vendors

- Expectations VS Reality of AI Projects

- How much budget do you need


- How to convince your Management

- Custom VS Out-the-box solutions

2. Low/no-code AI solutions

- Low-code AI solutions

- No-code AI solutions

- How to build an AI strategy around such tools

3. AIaaS

- How does It work

- Well-known types of AIaaS

4. Use cases

- Use case #1 : Chatbot

- Use case #2 : Improved CRM

- Additional use cases will be presented in the advanced training

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