How to train your teams in AI and enter the era of augmented workers


AI is already fundamentally impacting the nature of work. How can your organization seamlessly integrate AI into existing workflows and how should you create perfect harmony between business experts and machines. This training will help you answer these key questions.


With the rise of AI solutions, it had become essential for companies to train their employees. The idea is to quickly gain competitive advantages through the adoption of new hybrid workflows. This training will help you understand how to create these new workflows and present you today’s tools.


1. Why is it key to prepare your company’s workforce

- Automation & Competitive advantages

- Managing fears related to automation

- The inevitable reduction of your workforce

- New AI workflows

- Machine to Machine Economy (M2M)

- AI & “Human in the loop” approach

2. Building human/machine efficiency

- The rise of no/low-code AI solutions

- Teaching managers how to think from a data perspective

- How to create hybrid teams

- Creating a solid data culture

- New hybrid technologies beyond AI

- Rethinking existing workflow

3. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

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Basic Training: 2 to 3 hoursAdvanced Training: Basic Training + 3 hours of uses cases
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