How to succeed in your first AI project


Although artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword, its use cases and impact on the Marketing function are still not very tangible. It is becoming essential for a Marketing Manager or CMO to define the path that his Marketing organization will take to implement an offer (technologies and services) that is still fragmented and difficult to understand.


Starting an AI project from scratch can be extremely difficult for numerous reasons. This training will help you better understand how to manage your first AI project and increase your chances to create a positive ROI.


1. What is AI?

- Definition and presentation of AI subfields

- What is data and the role of it in a nutshell

- The terminology of AI

- What makes a company AI-driven?

- Differences between AI and Robotic Process Automation

- What is Machine Learning and what can you achieve with it

2. Building an AI strategy

- The importance of having a data culture

- How to choose your AI first project

- Building an internal AI taskforce/team

- Workflow of a Machine Learning project

- Finding the right KPIs ad managing ROI expectations

- Building or outsourcing the AI development

- Most common AI pitfalls

- Examples of perfect first AI projects

3. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

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