How to optimize your marketing budgets using AI


The Marketing function is often challenged to make more data-based decisions. With AI, Marketing professionals can take more easily such decisions while improving the overall ROI of Marketing investments. This training will help you understand how AI can guide you in better allocating resources to support your Marketing initiatives.


AI applied to Marketing can be a real game changer for most companies. Marketing managers are often challenged when it comes to proving a positive ROI. This training will help you understand what is feasible leveraging AI in Marketing and where you should start.


1. AI & Marketing automation

- Automation of Marketing tasks

- How to start (first projects, goals, budget, etc.)

- Limits of Marketing automation

- List of existing solutions

- How to manage an AI Marketing project

2. What Marketing budgets can be improved by AI

- Reexamine SEO in the age of AI-backed voice search

- AI models to analyze the impact of various touchpoints and help you understand which activities are most likely to steer lead conversion

- AI models to make predictions about how consumers will respond to certain marketing activities and messaging.

- AI models to help you finding out and create highly personalized content

- Budget optimization for paid advertisements

3. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

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