How to optimize sales using AI


The Sales function manipulates an important amount of data that is often not fully used. The ability to identify patterns in data can significantly improve the efficiency of Sales activity. This training will help you understand how you could boost your Sales results leveraging more data and algorithms.


In the age of AI-driven organizations, the Sales department efficiency can be greatly improved. In this training, you will learn about how to improve your Sales results using more data-driven solutions. Moreover, you will also learn how to increase your results on your online e-commerce website using AI solutions.


1. Better understand your prospects/customers

- How to better understand and predict customers’ interests, buying habits, and past interactions

- AI impact on customer retention

- Predictive lead scoring

- AI on CRMs

- Reducing churn and improving upselling

2. Optimizing online sales

- What can be achieved using Dynamic pricing

- How to improve your recommender system

- How to reduce cart abandonment

- Hyper-personalization and improved online customer experience (Chatbot…)

- Real-time content adaptation

3. Other ways to leverage AI

- Lead identification through online monitoring

- Automation of sales tasks

- Robotic Process Automation impact on Sales tasks

- Current solutions

4. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

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