How to identify the right AI technological partner


Companies/Startups promising you to help you integrate AI are numerous. However, it can be easy to underestimate the complexity of your project or fail to select the right technological partner due to unrealistic KPIs. This formation will help you better analyze these companies and identify the one you need.


The AI industry is made of many AI vendors. As such, it is key to learn how to select the right technological partner. This training will help you understand key aspects that will influence your decision and help you better negotiate the development price.


1. Finding the right partner

- Analysis of your own project

- How to evaluate AI vendors

- Evaluate AI startups

- The issue of Data ownership

- Choosing the right KPIs for your project

- Building the right internal team

- What is needed from a project management perspective to avoid issues

- Expectations VS Reality

- Questions to ask to all AI vendors

2. Negotiating the right price

- Depending on the Business model

- The issue of Maintenance

- How to make your solution evolve (Virtuous circle)

- Proof of concepts vs Production
- AI additional costs

- Working with Freelancers & Students

3. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

- Additional use cases will be presented in the advanced training

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