How to build an AI team in your company


Building an AI team requires several internal changes. From HR to business strategy, you will need to perfectly create a work environment that integrates several profiles with different expectations. This training will help you understand the different roles within an AI team and how to build an efficient team that can truly deliver.


The growing automation of our economy has forced companies to rethink their workforce strategies. As such, modern managers must think about how to integrate AI in the workflow of all employees. This training will help understand who to hire and how to improve your current workforce.


1. Usual profiles within an AI team (roles, interactions)

- Data Scientist

- MLOps Engineer

- Data engineer

- Project Manager

- Front/Back end specialists

- Business experts

- System architect

- Skills you should be looking for

2. Attracting & managing talents

- Building the right image to attract data scientists

- Freelance or Hire?

- Building an AI taskforce

- Finding out the right tools for your team (VM, etc.)

- Usual salaries

- Building team cohesion (Team roles and interactions)

3. How to make them work together successfully and interact with current internal workflows

- Clearly define your data science objectives

- Having the right data

- The key role of an AI Project Manager

- Finding out the right workflows

4. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

- Additional use cases will be presented in the advanced training

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