AI impact on Product Management


The rise of AI is giving birth to new profiles within organizations. Product Managers will have to gain new skills to remain relevant in the AI era. This training will help you understand which skills you strategically need in this upcoming era and how AI product managers will impact the overall company strategy.


In the age of AI-driven organizations, Product Managers need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. Those who refuse to gain new skills might be replaced sooner or later. This training will help you understand all you need to work alongside AI and continue being an added value to your organization.


1. What Product Managers need to learn about AI

- How to strategically think from a data perspective

- Understand new consumers expectations

- Limits of AI solutions

- The issue of Scalability in AI

- The rise of new KPIs

- Organizational prerequisites for AI at scale

- How to remain relevant in your AI-driven organization

- How to lead an AI Marketing project

2. AI Product Managers : a new strategic position

- Role of an AI product manager

- How to communicate about AI features/solutions

- Learning how to identify viable AI solutions

- Judging the relevance of AI for your products

- Working with data scientists

- New tools

3. Use cases

- Use case #1

- Use case #2

- Additional use cases will be presented in the advanced training

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