Which AI solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and how to succeed in your first project?
Understanding AI for a manager in a simple way

Learn about the basics of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, etc.) and how to succeed in your first AI project through concrete examples. This PDF will also help you understand what are the solutions available for SMBs (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses).

“The best document to start learning about AI and getting started”
Head of Marketing of a leading logistic company in France

In this PDF, you will find:

  • Several examples of companies who have implemented AI
  • A list of solutions available to SMBs in various departments of your organization (Finance, HR, Marketing, …)
  • A guide on how to succeed in your first AI project and how to build a long-term coherent AI strategy for your organization
  • Enough knowledge to make you sure understand what AI is (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural networks, etc.)
  • A list of potential mistakes you could make while trying to implement AI in your organization
  • Some tips on how to negotiate with AI vendors

Latest Reviews


Product Manager


Using this document, I managed to easily grasp the nature of AI and it could quickly benefit my company. Key technical elements are well-explained for non-tech professionals like me.

R. Mayer



I was given the task to identify potential AI vendors for a small internal project. This document helped me understand how to evaluate AI vendors and how to lead an AI project. I recommend it.


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This book does not assume you have a background in computer science.

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We wanted to create an easy-to-understand and quick way for business professionals to understand AI. This document is supposed to be enough for you to start or improve your AI journey. If you wish to have more knowledge and discover additional use cases, we recommend that you register for one of our training.