Some projects we have carried out

Counterfeit identification

Problem: A world-famous company selling a well-know brand in the automotive consumer market was regularly copied by counterfeiters. As a result, the damage to the Brand and the business was significant

Project description: Our mission, under the lead of the Marketing department of the company, was to set-up a multilayer system enabling the brand to protect their products, reinsure their trade partners and consumers that the products bought were genuine. The project also helped the company generate data for better understanding of purchasing behaviors and to create a new Marketing interaction platform.

Solution Implemented: By using a new approach based on QR codes and AI, we created a system that brings an answer to the company’s issue. This approach helped the brand better understand the market, create a new revenue stream, and enhance the customer experience. Furthermore, computer vision algorithms and a comprehensive dashboard enabled the company to understand what was happening in real-time (grey market).

Project duration: 6 months from POC to implementation
Project Info: Live since May 2018
Project Size: Average complexity, 2 Data Scientists, 1 .Net/Azure Engineer, 1 Project Manager
Technological building blocks: Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, QR-Code, Non-sequential QR Codes, Computer Vision
Results: Accuracy reached: Over 90% ! Highly satisfied customer, significant reduction of counterfeits and identification of channels selling fakes, enhanced market understanding
Additional benefits: New Marketing experience

Lead Generation Machine

Problem: A company active in multiple markets worldwide, with a limited team, wanted to know what happened in all their market. Through multiple Alert features, in Twitter Google and other platforms, they got daily a lot of information. Nobody had enough time to read it. How to evaluate these information ? How to rank them ? How to find the gold nugget among them ?

Project description: Our mission was to set-up an AI machine to collect, evaluate and rank the information and identify which were the most relevant and promising for the business of our client.

Solution Implemented: By analyzing key businesses of our client, and through various questioning techniques, we build an AI machines analyzing the market information and able to identify key information, that were evaluated as potential leads and ranked in order of importance.

Project duration: 4 months from POC to implementation
Project Info: On-going
Project Size: Research Mode, 3 Data Scientist (part time), 1 Project Manager, 1 Data Analyst (part time)
Technological building blocks: NLP/NLU algorithms
Results: Several new leads identified per week

And many other projects...